A Bunch of Camera Equipment For Sale

Posted on 07 October 2010 by Brian Auer

[UPDATE 10/24/2010] I was just informed that everything has been sold!

I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but I couldn’t help it in this case. Ken and Pat Ilott from the UK emailed me about a huge lot of film equipment they’re getting rid of. Here’s part of the email:

Hi, my husband has some amazing film photography equipment he wishes to sell off as he is now retired and is finding time for other hobbies. Anyone interested?

Although I can point out a few items that I’m drooling over, I’m just not in the market for new equipment this year. So I thought I would pass this along to all of you in case you have a few hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket. This is really good stuff and definitely worth the asking price (start searching the Internet… ’nuff said).

They’re looking for somebody local that can pick it up so they don’t have to ship it, but you can always ask about paying for the shipping if you don’t live in the UK. If you’re interested or have questions, you can contact them at pat_ilott@hotmail.com.

35mm Camera Equipment

£200 GBP (~$317.26 USD)

  • Contax Body with detachable motor drive
  • Contax Body with built in motor drive
  • Lenses
    • S-Planar 60mm f2.8 infinity: 1:1
    • Distagon 25mm f2.8 wide angle
    • Hoya Zoom 28-85mm f4
    • Sonnar 135mm f5.6
  • Assorted 55mm filters
    • UV, Softon, Polarising etc
  • Backup cable release, eyepiece, focusing screen, delay timer etc.
  • Bellz Howell ½ frame – Dial 35 with case

6x6cm Medium Format Camera Equipment

£200 GBP (~$317.26 USD)

  • Bronica EC Body and Film Back with NIKKOR-P f2.8 75mm lens
  • Bronica EC Body and Film Back with Zenzanon MC f2.8 75mm lens
  • EC Film Back
  • Komura 95 2x converter for EC
  • Polaroid Back for EC
  • Nikkor-D f4 200mm lens
  • Nikkor-D f4 40mm lens
  • Lightmeter prism viewfinder for EC
  • Eyelevel viewfinder prism
  • Neckstraps, Cable Release, Polariser, Various filters and lens hoods, Handbook
  • All above in cut-out foam rubber in metal suitcase

4×5″ Large Format Equipment

£150 GBP (~$237.95 USD)

  • Schneider – Kreuznach Lens Symmars f5.6 150mm
  • Kodak – Ektar Lens f7.7 203mm integral shutter
  • Qty 5 – 5×4 Double Dark Slides
  • Polaroid Dark Slide 8.3 x 10.8cm Model 405
  • Large Shutterless EL-Nikkor f5.6 240mm
  • Dallmeyer Enlarger Lens f4.5 152mm
  • Taylor Hobson Enlarger Lens f4.5 6 inch

Meters and Flashes

£150 GBP (~$237.95 USD)

  • PRO/550 Boxed – 100feet ASA100 Auto Operation 3-25ft and 1.5 – 12 feet
  • BO-METER Flashmeter – case and instructions
  • BOWENS Flashmeter – case and instructions
  • Lunasix (Gossen) Lightmeter
  • Asahi Pentax Spotmeter III, case and instructions
  • Jonan Com Lightmeter – case
  • BEWI Quick Lightmeter
  • AICO – AC Slave Flash 22, Screw in bulb fitting, boxed and Instructions

Like I said, I’m just passing the info along to you guys because I’m on a budget. I can’t imagine this stuff will stick around for too long, so contact Ken and Pat at pat_ilott@hotmail.com if you’re interested. And I have no financial interest in this post — I just hope that some of this amazing equipment finds a good home in the hands of an active film photographer.

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  1. Tomas Webb Says:

    I’d love that Contax gear… but I have too much stuff already!


  2. jeremy Says:

    Well you’ll never believe this, but I contacted Pat via email, and they live only a few minutes from me here in Cheltenham! Fancy that, I receive an email from the USA telling me about some Contax gear, and it is right on my doorstep!

    Anyway I got the Contax gear, I wanted that Macro, and the Distagon. The rest I’ll try to sell, as I already have too much


    Tomas Webb Reply:



    Brian Auer Reply:

    Dude! That’s awesome! BTW, I got an email from them and they said that the only thing left is the LF stuff. I knew this gear wouldn’t last too long at that price.


  3. liam Says:

    Thanks Brian. Got the MF gear, its in really fabulous condition, having great fun running through a couple of rolls. Those cameras were really well built and the lenses are outstanding.


  4. Pat and Ken Ilott Says:

    The camera equipment is now sold – just to let you all know, best wishes Pat Ilott, artist from Cheltenham, Cotswolds UK I am on Facebook as Artist Pat Ilott, if you want to say hello or Twitter as Pat Ilott

    Kind regards


  5. Richard Cofrancesco Says:

    Looking for center spot filter nd. for my 105 fuji lens 77mm.


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