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Posted on 17 October 2010 by Tomas Webb

You may remember the brief piece on Printing Out Paper. I mentioned that I’d bought some Sun-Print Paper. I tried it out this week – it needs bright sun for the quickest results, but the fading evening sun work just as well, albeit a little slower. You can vary the end result (density?) through the time exposed to the sun although I didn’t really time mine – I just waited until the paper around the negative went a very pale blue.

I used a selection of 4×5 negatives; effectively creating contact prints, an example of which is above. The original was shot on Shanghai 100B/S and as you can see in the highlights, her skin was a little overexposed. The details are still there on the negative though.

Would I buy it again? Perhaps not. I thought my kids might be interested in the process but I think they may have been a bit young to appreciate it (aged 6 and under). While it was interesting the first time round creating a print with the sun, the lack of input I had in terms of creating the paper took away from the whole DIY aspect. Next time I’ll order the raw chemicals and make the paper from scratch.

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  1. Neal Thorley Says:

    Hey Tam

    My youngins quite enjoy lumen printing, i have an old semi fogged box of postcard photo paper that we it for, they collect things like leaves and twigs and flowers and we wet the paper and lay it all out in the darkroom the night before. then in the morning we take it outside (compressed by glass) and leave it a couple hours.

    bring inside and fix it and voila.. some nice impressions on the paper.

    I thought it was a nice simple way to introduce them to the darkroom and to traditional photographic processes.



  2. Sunprint Kit Says:

    Hey Tomas,
    Thanks for checking out Sunprints, be sure to check out for more information and inspiring ideas. Happy printing!


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