Holgas, Polaroids & Pinholes: Lush Low-Tech Photography

Posted on 11 March 2010 by Brian Auer

Lots of Holga-related news and articles this month! Just goes to show that some parts of film photography are alive and well.

This article from Web Urbanist talks about Holgas, Polaroids, and pinholes. There’s a little discussion and a lot of photos to check out from various artists.

So riddle me this: If you had to choose just one for ALL eternity… would you choose Holga, Polaroid, or Pinhole?

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  1. Otto K. Says:

    of the three? Polaroid (providing I have a supply of film for it).


  2. Janne Says:

    Unnnnggggg…. A pinhole polaroid Holga? No, really, if format and other materials was completely unconstrained I’d probably go with pinhole. I use film in part to get away from the instantaneousness of digital, and to me Polariod cuts jsut a little too close to that same workflow. Holga.. You get a very specific look, which is great when you want that look but not so great if you want to vary yourself.

    Of course “Using a Holga” does imply customizing and hacking the camera. I could choose Holga, replace the plastic lens with a Pentax 67 90/2.8 lens, then replace the plastic body with a Pentax 67 :)


  3. J. M. Golding Says:



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