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Posted on 04 March 2010 by Brian Auer

We’ve only been officially launched for ten days, but the response has been awesome! Film photographers really are the best!

xpro Mcdonalds Welcome
Creative Commons License photo credit: slimmer_jimmer

We have more great content lined up, but we wanted to take a minute for a little introduction and overview. We spent a considerable amount of time figuring out the categories, posting schedule, features, and other blog-related stuff, so I’d hate for all our plans to go unseen.

Why Are We Here?

Basically… because we love film and everything that comes with it. That’s not to say that we hate digital, but we prefer the film most of the time.

We’re also here to teach others what we know, learn from those who know more than us, and expand the growing community of film photography. We’ve noticed a sizable group of photographers turn to film after getting hooked by digital. We also noticed that there aren’t too many film photography resources out there to answer questions and teach techniques. So we’ll try to fill part of that gap with this blog.

Another reason we’re here is to promote community interaction. As you’ll see in just a moment, we have plans to offer multiple opportunities for getting involved and sharing the knowledge. We all know that film photographers are a friendly group, so I have no doubt that the community here will take off.

Website Layout

You’ll notice five main categories listed on the menu bar below the logo: Camera Bag, Darkroom, Digital Darkside, Community, and Other Stuff. Each category has several sub-categories lined up, but they won’t show until we post an article for that section.

The “Camera Bag” will cover topics such as camera reviews, lens reviews, book reviews, DIY equipment, shooting tips, etc. Basically anything related to the use of the camera and associated equipment.

The “Darkroom” will cover the topics of film reviews, chemical reviews, equipment reviews, film developing tips/techniques, printing tips/techniques, etc. Same idea as the “camera bag”, but for the darkroom.

The “Digital Darkside” will speak to things like scanning equipment, scanning tips, digital organization/processing, etc. We admit that computers are a big part of film photography, so we’ll definitely talk about it.

The “Community” section will be used for sharing photos from the Flickr pool, guest posts, showing off your gear, asking questions, sharing tips, etc. The Flickr group is up and running, but we’ll get the other community aspects going soon.

“Other Stuff” will house all the odds and ends… including notes from our 3rd author, “The Doctor”.

So hang tight and we’ll get all the sub-topic gaps filled in soon enough. We wanted to launch with just a few articles, but we have plenty more lined up.

Building the Community

Right now, we’re trying to focus on getting content on the site while laying down a foundation for the online film photography community. So far, we’ve seen a great deal of participation from this relatively small initial audience, and we both hope to keep that level of participation up as the site grows. Here are a few ways you can help form the community at FeelingNegative.com:

  • COMMENTS — We love comments, suggestions, questions, and all other forms of discussion. Feel free to speak up on any of the posts here; it’s a very friendly group that I’m already familiar with from my adventures at Epic Edits, Flickr, and Twitter.
  • FLICKR — Join the group, post photos, and discuss. If you have a question, just ask! The group is very solid already and we have a lot of knowledgeable people lurking about.
  • TWITTER — Follow along on Twitter for the latest updates, shared links, questions, advice, and general film related nonsense.
  • BLOGS – If you have your own photography blog, we are very grateful for any mentions of the new site. As we get additional photographers joining the discussions, things will start to get more and more interesting and educational.

A Big Thanks to Our Friends

We’ve had a good deal of support from our friends across the web — other photographers, photography bloggers, Flickr contacts, Twitter friends, etc. We couldn’t have had such a great launch without the help of these folks. Here are links to a few of our friends that helped out:

Thank you *
Creative Commons License photo credit: rustman

We also had a fair amount of buzz from Twitter. First from my Tweet on the announcement at Epic Edits, then from a Tweet via @PetaPixel. In addition to those two sources, a whole bunch of others ReTweeted and made their own announcements. Pretty cool that word got out so quickly. To see all the other Twitter users helping us out, take a look at the bit.ly info for my Tweet and @PetaPixel’s Tweet.

So how are we doing with the site so far? Are you guys excited to see what’s coming next? Any suggestions on how to improve things at this early stage?

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Antoine Khater Says:

    Great blog another masterpiece Brian.

    Keep it rolling


  2. Charlie Davis Says:

    Personally I think your blog is a great idea. I have been involved with photography for over 50 years. I made the switch to digital, but I still have my Nikons and my 4×5 Speed Graphic. I think that although digital is faster and cheaper to shoot, you still don’t get the same quality. I know that some will argue that you can…but digital photos and sitting in front of a computer with Adobe Lightroom will not replace the actual darkroom experience.
    I am happy to have found your site and I will check back often to see what is going on.
    Oh yes one question…Can anyone point me to where I can purchase 4×5 sheet film for my Speed Graphic?
    Thanks again.


    Tomas Webb Reply:

    I mostly use ebay for 4×5 film – but that’s because I buy the cheap Shanghai and Era films. They work well enough for me at the moment, even though the emulsion isn’t of the highest quality.

    Most online stores these days sell 4×5 film – Freestyle and Adorama are popular in the US, as is B&H Photo, though I’ve never personally bought from any of them. In Australia (in case there are any Aussies asking the same question!) I find cheapshots.au on ebay to be the best value in terms of money as well as the delivery times.


  3. Karine Ardault Says:

    I discovered your blog last week and I love it.
    I restarted photography seriously 5 years ago with a digital slr but quickly added film cameras to my gear: a few zorkis, a holga, a mamiya c220 and the lastest, a 4×5 view camera. I also use polaroid cameras.
    thanks for keeping film and film photography spirit alive!


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