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Want “New” Cameras? Ask Family and Friends!

Posted on 11 January 2011 by Brian Auer

photo credit: Βethan The great thing about film photography is the huge number of old film cameras out there. They’re usually cheap, most still work, they’re fun to use, and they look great. I love having a bunch of c [...]

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Find A Place To Develop Your Film with

Posted on 06 December 2010 by Brian Auer

I’m pleased to announce as our first official sponsor and supporter here at Feeling Negative! is a crowdsourced directory of analog photo labs, wet darkrooms, and analog photography courses. The ide [...]

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Where have we been?

Posted on 26 November 2010 by Tomas Webb


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Posted on 08 November 2010 by Tomas Webb

photo credit: toshi[G2panda] It’s probably a little unorthodox to do this, but I think it’s worth it. If you’ve been looking for a Gakkenflex, but found the standard $65 (ish) price a little too close to the Blac [...]


We Were Hacked, But Now We’re Back

Posted on 11 October 2010 by Brian Auer

Just a quick note to our regular visitors regarding the messed up site over the last couple of days. All three of my blogs were hacked with malicious code and the files remained damaged after cleaning them (and I didn’t know [...]

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FUJIFILM Announces the GF670W

Posted on 24 September 2010 by Brian Auer

Earlier this year, FUJIFILM announced their GF670 medium format folding camera. Now, at Photokina 2010, they’re showing off a medium format rangefinder camera by the name of GF670W. This is another professional camera aimed [...]

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Voltron Star Shooter!

Posted on 13 September 2010 by Tomas Webb

photo credit: John Kratz When it comes to 110 cameras, the Voltron one is the Holy Grail. In my eyes anyway. Now I’m well aware that I’m never going to have the disposable income to afford one. But maybe a Feeling Nega [...]

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Double Exposure DIY Project

Posted on 09 September 2010 by Brian Auer

Photojojo is a site that I follow on a regular basis, and they recently posted a pretty cool idea for us film photographers. We know that double exposures can produce some interesting results, but Photojojo puts a twist on things. [...]

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Time Sensitive Projects

Posted on 01 September 2010 by Tomas Webb

photo credit: carmonamedina It’s not without a certain sense of irony that I begin this post on time sensitive projects. I’m well aware that despite both Brian and I’s best intentions, we haven’t been in a [...]

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Update the Film Photographer Resource Maps

Posted on 31 August 2010 by Brian Auer

It’s been a few months since we started up the Film Developing Labs and Supplies maps, so I wanted to bring it up again for the new readers (and I’ll continue to do so every few months). You can read the original post [...]
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